Buying a motorbike in the UK: What is therole of the engine?

Motorcycling is basically riding a motorcycle and it’s equally popular amongst teenagers or adults. Motorbikes are mostly used for recreation and are becoming a trend nowadays. There is avarious range of motorbikes in the UK and definitely, their features will blow away the mind of buyers. For your information is the best option for selling your bikes in UK.

Engine size

In the United Kingdom, the complete basic training is mandatory for the people who are interested in riding a moped or a motorcycle. There is also an age limit depending upon the bike engines. Asage 16 is the limit for the 50cc and 17+ ages for up to 125cc. Although there is no need to worry there are many motorcycles available in the market to choose. Even though if you are not limited to anonly 50cc motorcycle engine, still there is a various range of pros and cons to 50cc motorcycles against 125cc motorcycles.


  • Insurance coverage

A motorcycle with the smaller engine will cost your insurance much less than a one with a larger engine as it is much lighter in your pocket. In case if you are ever in a road accident the insurance will cover the damage on your bike.


  • Fuel efficiency

Along with speed, the 125cc motorbike gives you good economy but when it comes to riding a 50cc bike you can just forget the last time you poured fuel in the tank as the fuel consumption is unmatchable. A basic comparison would be that if a 125cc covers 1 football field in 1 liter, the 50cc would cover at least 10.


  • Market costs

When it comes to the market, even though the 50cc is much cheaper and efficient, the favorite would be the 125cc. This holds true for youngsters of age to adults preferring the speed over the fuel consumption or the cost. Also, due to 125cc being in high demand the resale value of the bike is also much high.


  • Speed

When you deal with a smaller engine the first drawback you will face is the speed. When you compare the speed limit, the 125ccengines are faster than the 50cc.

  • Comfort


50cc being cheaper and efficient comes with a drawback on its comfort. A long ride on this motorbike can become very painful and stressful on your back due to a smaller seat size and a weird angle handle grip.