Use of Electronics in Learning Quran Online

The world has advanced as the years have passed. Electronic today play a vital role in education. It is known as the digital revolution. Today electronics are used in the classrooms for the purpose of teaching. From laptops to tablets, studying has never been easier. It develops the interest of the students in education. It is known that the kids are attracted to electronic these days so by using the electronic medium for teaching in classrooms teachers can encourage the participation of the students. Teachers can make the lectures seem more informative and efficient through the use of electronics. It’s quite compelling for a kid to learn from a computer than a book these days.

Books and other curriculum sources are available on the internet that makes the access to information much easier than the books. Electronic libraries have developed that increase the availability of primary and secondary sources. These sources not only include written information but also audios and videos. Along with all this record of previous attempts and paper have been preserved. The information on the internet is easier to access and can be easily be spread out.

Internet and the religious teachings

The Internet is not only used for the academic purpose but also for the religious teachings. Many religious scholars deliver their sermons live on the internet and it reaches every corner of the world. The internet gives a free access to everyone to attend a sermon that is taking place thousands of miles away from them. For example, there are many websites on the internet that teach Quran online. You can take online lessons and learn Quran online. This is very beneficial for the Muslims that live in a non-Muslim state. This helps them teach their kids about the Quran at an early stage without any difficulty.