What is the best sewing machine for quilting?

In movies and homes, you’ve seen a beautiful style of quilts, with unique designs that have caught your attention. If you want to make your own design quilt, bringing out your creativity, the technique you should use is the “patchwork”. This word, which may sound strange to us, it is composed of two terms “patch”, which means patch and “work” whose meaning is work. What is the best sewing machine for quilting? If yes keep reading.

The history of this Textile Art, of the work with patches of cloth, has been developed in different cultures throughout history. In the beginning, it consisted of joining textile remains, to form a single piece, creating useful articles. What is the best sewing machine for quilting? This may still be a question for you right?

Over time, the skill of artisans and artisans, the initial conception of repair is disappearing to go towards a more ornamental style, creating cushions, blankets, bags…

What is the best sewing machine for quilting?

The Quilting foot, also called the double-drag presser, is equipped with a set of tines that allows the fabric to be dragged without the need to move it, and which prevents the sub-layers of the fabric from becoming short. The double-drag presser foot is ideal for stitching, which can be damaged by irregular stitches. It also includes a metal guide for padding.

♥ The LED display and all the information it provides (the selected stitch, the recommended thread tension range, the recommended presser foot, the stitch width or the needle position and the stitch length) has been useful at the time of familiarizing myself with the sewing machine, its presser feet and its stitches and now, it is useful to me, as a “memo”, to look up to know what we are doing.

♥ We usually customize the specifications of each stitch When we are sewing more than one project at a time and we need to stop in the middle of the process; we can turn off or unplug the machine, turn it back on and recover the custom stitches or recover the original specifications to start a new project.

♥ The needle thread. we admit that during the first two days we have gone more than once to the instruction manual, but with a little practice, I have learned to thread the needle in the blink of an eye.

♥ The horizontal banding system and the transparent plate. The first is very practical when it comes to changing the bobbin and the second allows me to see how the thread is spent and prepare the second bobbin.

♥ Thanks to the extra space under the presser foot we can easily raise the cursor when we are sewing zippers and prepare thick fabric projects or with several layers of fabric before starting to sew.

The machines are is an all-terrain, powerful and complete with a series of great functions that help save time and make accessories with good finishes. Despite being designed for quilting, this sewing machine is not only for fans of quilting and patchwork but also for beginners and all those who are dedicated to the tailoring and tailoring.  We still think that it is the best in the market in terms of quality/price ratio and I recommend it 100%.