Housing and Husbandry of Ferrets: Here’s how it’s done!

If you are planning to adopt a ferret and it is your first time you are going to own this pet. You have to do proper research about the lifestyle and habits of this pet. It is your responsibility to understand what are the basic needs, likes, and dislikes of this pet. Whether you have to keep it indoors or outdoor environment is best for a ferret?

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Ferrets are little but active and energetic pets, like any pet, they also have some needs that must be fulfilled to provide them a healthy life. Everything from diet to other essentials of this little one needs to be fulfilled.

Ferrets are quiet, calm but the most intelligent animals that learn and pick things quickly. So, training this little pet is not too much difficult. Arranging a perfect living space for your pet is your key responsibility being a ferret owner.

Although ferrets are kept indoors it does not mean you can allow them to roam anywhere around the house. Whenever you plan to bring this pet keep that in mind that you have to bring a cage as well. A ferret’s cage is its home, so it must be organized according to the requirements of a ferret. A perfect cage for a ferret has a suitable size and is made up of perfect material.

How Big of a Cage does a Ferret Need?

How big of a cage does a ferret need, you may ask this question and a ferret owner must know it before making a purchase. Setting up the house for your little pet ferret in a perfect-sized cage is crucial than anything else.

§  It Must Be Big Enough

A ferret’s cage must be spacious for a ferret to move freely, play, and perform various activities. Big space in the cage is essential for a ferret to perform his favorite activities without any difficulty.

§  It Must be Airy

The cage for the ferret must be airy to maintain a balanced temperature inside the cage. A wire cage in this respect is a perfect cage for a ferret but make sure that the spacing between the wires is not too much that a ferret can easily escape out of the cage.

§  Choose a Cage with Multiple Levels

Get a cage that has multiple levels in it for a ferret to exercise and play, so cannot easily get bored.

§  Material of the Cage

Talking about the material, you also find a variety in the material. The most suitable material for a ferret’s cage is a wired cage because it allows the air to pass through. It automatically reduces the chances of suffocation and allows your ferret to breathe in fresh air without blockage.

Housing of Ferret

After you decided the ideal size for a ferret cage, and now that you have one. It is time to arrange the cage and organize everything. Putting each element in the right place inside the cage is necessary.

Litter box placement, putting the food bowl in right place, setting the water bottle for the cage, toys for ferrets, and the levels in the cage. Everything must be placed in the right place. If you want to give a healthy life to your ferret then arranging a perfect and peaceful house for your little pet is of great importance.

Healthy Diet for Ferret

Besides setting a perfect home for your little pet ferret it is also very important to provide him a healthy and nutritious life. Diet plays a vital role in good health, so it is very important to understand what is good for your ferret. Make sure that the diet you are providing must not be higher in carbohydrates, it must be rich in proteins but lower in carbohydrates.

Treats are also very important for ferrets and work the best for training. Avoid sugary and too many sweet treats or fruits.

Essentials of Grooming

Grooming is another very essential part of maintaining a good life of ferret. Keeping your pet clean will keep him away from germs, bacteria, and other harmful elements. Besides this, regular nail trimming, oral hygiene, bath, and ear cleaning are few essentials to take care of.

If you cannot cut the nails of your ferret on your own you can also take a vet appointment for this purpose.


Ferrets are little but precious pets that need proper care and a healthy lifestyle. Owning a ferret means you have to be more careful and precise while arranging a house for your little one. The housing, lifestyle, and needs of this pet are different.

Being a ferret owner, it is your priority to understand the basic needs of a ferret to organize a perfect and comfortable home for your pet. To keep healthy and happy, providing them with the best in everything is essential.