How to Make Your Chinchillas Feel at Home?

Adopting a Chinchilla as a pet can be fun and exciting but this little pet needs full attention as well as care.Make them feel like home is crucial to provide them a healthy and happy life.Taking care of Chinchilla is not a tough task but this pet has specific needs that must be fulfilled.

The one important thing that a Chinchilla needs is a completely comfortable living space where he can feel secure and feel at home.The best thing you can do for chinchillas is to provide them a secure and private place to live. Nothing can be a better option than getting cages for chinchillas.

Chinchilla cages are specifically designed according to the requirements of this little pet. Because chinchillas are the most active animals that love playing, exercise and exploring new things. Bringing a chinchilla at home does not mean that you can allow him to move freely all around the house like any other pet.

Especially if you are passionate about pets and have other multiple pets at home then a cage is the safest option. Besides it provides the protection it also helps him fulfill his urge of playing and exercise in the big cage. Chinchilla cages are available in different sizes and shapes depending on the requirement of your pet you can choose one accordingly.

Still, you have a variety of options in buying cages for chinchillas but the most important thing here is to organize the cageperfectly.The cage setup and arrangement of each essential element in the cage must be in accordance with Chinchilla’s requirements, this way he feels at home while staying inside the cage.

Cage Setup for Chinchillas to Feel Like Home

Severalfactors involve setting up a chinchilla’s cage to make them feel at home.

1.    Comfort and More Space

Before anything, the comfort of the cage should be the priority when getting a cage for your Chinchilla. It must be a perfect size and have enough space where he can play, exercise, and spend some good time. It is advisable to get a room-sized cage for chinchillas that provides them a huge space to perform all the activities freely.

2.    Perfect Temperature

The next thing that contributes to making your pet comfortable in his new home is a perfect temperature. The temperature must be set ideally because chinchillas can survive neither in a hot atmosphere nor in a too cold place. The ideal temperature for a chinchilla is 18-20 degrees Celsius and make sure this temperature does not rise above 25 degrees.

3.    Favorite Toys

What else you can do to make Chinchillas living place attractive for your pet is by adding some Chinchilla’s toys.Although chinchillas can play with everything but avoid giving them toys made of plastic as they chew plastic so it is better to avoid it to maintain good health.Cardboards, paper, or even tress branches, anything you provide to this pet he will start playing and make you enjoy as well.

4.    Food, Water and Fresh Hay

Food and water are necessitiesfor every creature to surviveand so does your little pet chinchilla also need it. But to make it convenient for your little buddy provide all these essentials inside the cage. Fresh hay is an essential part as chinchilla chew it frequently and throughout as well as they also love treats.Set the chinchillas water bottle outside the cage to avoid any mishap.

5.    Never Let him Stay Alone

Yet Chinchillas are active at the same time the most social animals that cannot survive alone. So, if you are planning to bring a chinchilla at home you should always bring them in pair.As it will not let him feel lonely, also makes him feel the comfort of home.

6.    A Protective Shelter Inside the Cage

Chinchillas easily get scared of the noise or sudden human interaction.Providing shelter inside the cage helps him feel safe, secure and calms him from anything that terrifies this little animal.It will help him stay protected and from exposing to frightening objects.

7.    Enough Space Inside the Cage to Play

As already mentioned, chinchillas love playing and exercise so when buying a cage make sure it has multiple levels built-in for chinchillas. It is very important for chinchillas as it kills boredom and avoid your pet feel sad or lonely.


Chinchilla’s cage is its home where he can play, relax, and do all the activities he loves to do, so it must be as comfortable as possible.Providing all the comfort inside the cage to make him feel like home is a responsibility of a Chinchilla owner. This pet has specific requirements and if you want him to stay a happy as well as a comfortable life you have to satisfyyour little pet by fulfilling all the needs.