Know The Wonderful Concept Of Electrolysis

There are many ways to get your hair removed. While some may be painful, a new option of electrolysis has been introduced which claims to be better than the rest in many ways.

What is electrolysis?

A way to permanently remove body and facial hair is through the procedure of electrolysis. Electricity is utilised in the process; electricity enters each and every individual hair follicle via a pointy sterilized probe. A small electric current is discharged to damage the hair follicle. It is suitable for all skin types and permanent results can be achieved after the first treatment only. Electrolysis can be beneficial to treat unwanted hair growth on different body parts like upper lips, bikini line, chin, stomach, back.

What cause hair growth?

  • It can be a result of heredity.
  • Hormone levels can alter the hair growth.
  • Drugs and medicines can trigger hair growth.
  • Illnesses can cause unwanted hair growth in undesirable areas.

Degree of pain experienced in electrolysis

Waxing and threading have been known to cause great discomfort and pain to every person who has experienced it.  Although electrolysis causes less pain than the other methods of hair removal, it is still an uncomfortable process. Electrolysis treats every small or large hair follicle with electricity, so, the above experience is justified. While the person is going through the procedure, the pain and discomfort felt will be minimal after the first time. The time taken for each treatment session is around 15 to 60 minutes. Electrolysis gives a result that lasts for 6 or more months. It damages hair follicle so that hair cannot regrow for a long period. However, not everyone experiences the same result as each result varies on the basis of factors like hormonal levels etc. The hair that regrows would be thinner, finer and fewer in quantity.


Benefits of electrolysis

  • Electrolysis can be utilised on any and all body parts.
  • It reduces hair growth on all skin types and can treat each hair type.
  • Prix d’une session d’électrolyse is cheaper in comparison with other hair removal clinics session.
  • The result can be seen for more than 6 months.
  • It saves money, time and effort.
  • Things to look for in an electrologist.
  • It is important to choose a professional and be aware of their qualifications.
  • Choose a recommended doctor who is also experienced.
  • A free consultation should be asked for, all queries should be answered.
  • Only after complete awareness and satisfaction should the electrologist be chosen.