Orbital Sander Vs Sandpaper _ Best Option for Sanding

If you are working on any wood project such as handling car panels, building furniture, fitting floor and working with decks, you need a high-quality sander. A sander helps you to wipe old paint, reshape & cut the wood, and have a smooth finishing. Both sandpaper and orbital sander are commonly used by a DIY enthusiast, house renovators and carpenters.

Although, different types of sanders are available in the market but finding the right one is no easy task. Here, we will discuss the main differences between sandpaper and an orbital sander. So, you can choose wisely the best tool for completing your project.

What is an orbital sander?

Normally available in a square shape, an orbital sander is a sanding disc that works by spinning in circular rotation. This sanding tool can effectively deal with edges, corners, curved pieces and rounded edges. You can easily attach a sanding pad with it. The size of the sanding pad depends on the surface area on which you operate orbital sander.

Main Differences between Orbital Sander & Paper

No doubt, sandpaper is good but the best option is an orbital sander. As compared to other sanders, an orbital sander is a heavy-duty tool that can cover more sanding surface area in less time.

  1. Orbital sander not only works on large surface areas but you can also adjust this sanding tool on small surfaces too such as arms of the chair.
  2. An orbital sander will do much bigger sanding jobs more quickly with the smoothest finishing as compared to sandpaper.
  3. Although sandpaper is more affordable, an orbital sander is a long term investment because it works the same for a longer time.
  4. An orbital sander is more versatile and flexible as compared to sandpaper as you can vary the angle of your work effectively without leaving swirl marks.
  5. Orbital sanders are best for working with baseboards, furniture, stairs, and any other thing that has edges and corners, but with sandpaper, it is not easy to cover difficult areas.
  6. An orbital sander can leave light swirl marks on wood as compared to sandpaper but gives you a smooth finishing.

In the Last

It is true that both sandpaper and orbital sander has different benefits. But if you are looking for a long term investment and if you want to complete your project with perfection in less time than an orbital sander is a great option.