Top Features of Steel fittings for air compressors by Festo

Let’s talk about the change of air compression material being used back in time and the industrial material used now. With the process of industrialization many other things improved parallel to it. One of the changes that were brought is related to the pneumatic system supplies being used now days. The supply of raw material and their processing techniques developed over time leading to better and more lasting alternates that are now being used. Using steel fittings is pretty common in the modern time in industries such as the pneumatic system due to several reasons some of which will be discussed.

  1. High strength;

It makes them more relievable and durable for any kind of use as they have a higher immunity to the wear and tear of weather and other working conditions.

  1. Larger diameters

It makes them more useable in different projects throughout the industry and for several infrastructural use too by the authorities and home developers.

  1. Fire resistance

They can withstand a high temperature too without being damaged which increases their usability in deferent industries and also makes them more reliable in case of an unforeseen disaster in the working unit where they are being used for processes.

  1. Leakages free

Hence, low air losses in their longer life span. This makes them more reliable and gives more reasons to bear the cost of using them in different projects

  1. Strength to weight advantage

As they have a much higher strength and comparatively lower weight ratio. This makes them ideal for use in industries that require a lot of transportation to the project site. Hence helping to save the logistics cost while giving a longer reliability period to the users.

  1. Easily affordable

Due to constant improvement in the making process of such pipes. The industry has grown a lot over time. Making them easily and readily available for the users and bringing down its manufacturing costs too with help of economies of scale.

  1. Less frictional losses

Due to their latest structure and quality.

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