Top Five Health Benefits of The Water

Water is the basic and essential nutrient of life. It is important to drink plenty of water to keep the body hydrated and healthy. According to medical associations, it is important to take about 14 to 16 glass full of water to spend the healthy life. The best health benefits of water that every person must know are discussed below.

Maintenance of body fluids

The human body is composed of 60percent water and fluids. The main function of the fluid is digestion, absorption, the creation of saliva and circulation. The fluid also helps in the transportation of the nutrients as well as maintains the body temperature. There is the communication between the brain and kidneys, the message from the brain goes to kidney about the amount of fluid to be excreted or reserve in the body. In this way, the body keeps the fluid balance. In case if the body requires water, the brain triggers the thirst mechanism and human, as well as living beings, drink water to keep the water level normal in the body.

Control of calories

One of the incredible health benefits of water is that it helps the human beings to control the calories. The intake of food with large water content not only helps in increase in metabolism but also helps to feel full. In this way, the person intakes less amount of meal and keep themselves healthy. Water rich food absorbs slowly so the person takes less amount of food. The water-rich fruits and vegetables include watermelon, oatmeal, orange, cucumber, and tomatoes etc.

Water helps in energizing muscles

The whole mechanism of working of muscle is based on the water content in the body. If the fluid level is less as compared to the body requirement, the cell starts shrinking and causes muscle fatigue. In order to keep the body fresh, healthy and active it is important to take a large amount of water. Those who do regular exercise must intake a large amount of water as most of the fluid loss through the exercise. Drinking juices and water at regular intervals keep the body hydrated and fresh.

Water keeps skin fresh

If the [person is facing wrinkle problems, then he must focus on the drinking habit of the water. Keeping skin fresh and healthy is another prominent health benefit of water. Dehydration cause the dryness and production of wrinkles on the skin, to prevent from these issues, it is good to drink juices and plenty of water to make the skin healthy, fresh and glowing.

Better kidney functions and bowel movement

Water is an essential nutrient that helps the kidney to function properly. The main toxin is urea which needs to be excreted, it is water soluble, so the kidneys require a high quantity of water to dissolve this toxin and excrete out of the body. Like the kidneys, the proper bowel movement also requires sufficient amount of water. The presence of less amount may cause constipation.

Water is essential part of life, in order to keep the body healthy and fresh as well as disease-free it is important to drink plenty of water.